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Hand carved bamboo wooden owls

‘Twit-twoo’ as the Owl call goes…or so we thought, but since a new flock of feathered friend has joined in with the ducks and penguins here in Diptford it appears not. We thought we had become quite the ornithologists thanks to Little Runner and Co. so it’s no surprise to us that our Owls have set the record straight. They aren't interested in wellies or new outfits, but they certainly want to ensure ‘twit-twoo’ is purely kept for human impersonation. Twittwoo is actually close to a female and male Tawny Owl mating call so they definitely don’t want human interruption!

Owl noises

Owls big and small here in Devon have been sure to keep us guessing what their real call is as Whoo hooo, our impersonation, is apparently that of a Dove, clearly we have still much to learn in the realm of ornithology. Unsurprisingly the birds know best and have informed us that there is much more screeching owl sounds than owl calls. Thankfully our Owls don’t screech, but are always on the look out, now from all corners of rooms and in all corners of the globe. Perched on mantle places or on windowsills our Barn Owls can look in all possible directions, keeping an eye on your guests' behaviour when you are out of the room. They will ensure there isn't any twit-twooing!

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