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Funky wellies keep the au natural ducks going quack, bang, splash!

There is always a buzz of activity down in Diptford farm, especially when its raining. While Little Runner Duck takes shelter, some of his feathered friends like to splash about in the muddy puddles and its not even the penguins causing the most noise, it’s the ducks wearing their funky wellies!

Le Chameau or Hunter Boots?

Whilst our ‘guins’ go sliding about, the ducks take on our own farm peppa pigs splashing in the muddy puddles, everyone likes splashing in muddy puddles, but the ducks do it in style. All au naturel, the wellington boot duck families, take on ducklings and ducklets to see who can splash the most. Needless to say it’s a good thing they don’t wear any clothes. When the ducks aren’t trying to out splash each other, they admire each other’s boots – pastels, spotty, tartan, flag, stripy, check and heart shaped dots there isn’t room for any royal hunter boots with all the other varieties on offer.

Choose your natural wood finish funky wellie wearing ducks, ducklings or ducklet crew to accompany your Le Chameau’s in the porch, or even better, put them in pride of place, the ducks love the chance to show them off on your home catwalk.

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