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Antique Finish Welly Ducks

Antique wooden ornaments with welly…and beaks!

Age is a sensitive subject for our ducks, they like to think of adding life to their years. In reality most embrace a slightly older look when it comes to it. Vintage wellies are all the rage in Diptford currently, especially amongst the younger adult ducks; their antique appearance gives them the look of sophistication, particularly when the other welly wearing ducks spend all their time jumping in puddles. Indian Runners usually live to 20+ years old in the wild, but in our care or the care of one’s home or garden, we have found many of our vintage wooden ornament ducks live well beyond this. 

Kitsch decoration

Kitsch is all the rage these days and for those ‘trendy’ friends in your life, you couldn’t find a more unique gift for their stylistic dwellings. Kitsch is not the right way to describe these ducks, each is an individual hand carved wooden ornament. While they have universal appeal you could really be adding some vintage style to your friend's otherwise questionable taste. Choose your stylish wood duck decoy ornament today.

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