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Pastel Ducks

Colourful duck ornaments are the perfect pastel decoration 

With the beautiful scenery around Diptford it’s no surprise that many of our ducks like to get involved in some water colour painting of the hues and scenes of the farm and valleys surrounding there home before they fly the nest. You can see many of the creations if you sign up to the DCUK newsletter.

Pastel decorations

The slight issue for our ducks is that they often end up getting over excited and end up painting themselves. Thankfully they seem to quite like it, and so do many of their new owners. The Ducks don’t like to be multi-coloured though so soon decided on their favourite colour and have a dunk in the pastel ornaments paint pots prior to leaving for their new destinations.  Summer is the perfect time of year for pastel decorations and our duck ornaments are perfect for your home.

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