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Decorate your kitchen with personalised fridge magnets

Our fridge magnets are by no means normal. You may wonder how many variations of a fridge magnet one can have, but it’s how you present them that makes a DCUK duck magnet different. We do of course have our standard duck fridge magnet that you can pop straight on your fridge, or desired magnetic surface. These little runners are 10 centimetres tall and come in a huge range of colours and designs.

Personalised fridge magnets

They are all very individual, each hand carved and painted duck is never exactly the same. You can choose from spots, dots, feathers, hearts, leaf, confetti and solid colour designs so the choice might be a hard one. For those who like to think outside the box our fridge magnets can be bought as place settings for a wedding party, event or even an intimate dinner in your own home. These white duck magnets come attached to card that you can personalise with your guests’ names. You also get to choose the colour of the lovely little ribbons around their necks and you have the option of having a name painted onto the duck itself as a great keepsake.

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