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Penguin Gifts from DCUK
The Antarctic seems quite a distance from the rolling hills of Devon, but as ever the DCUK team are well accustomed to having some unusual visitors. Little Runner Duck has enlisted the help of a larger, grander winged cousin to show the gaggle of Ducks, Owls and Rock Hoppers how to master order, team work and majesty. The Emperor Penguins have arrived and everyone on the farm knows about it. Towering above their fellow farm visitors these Penguins can show everyone how it is done. Keen to impress all the ducks are practicing huddles, keeping their beaks high, preening their feathers and diving in the ponds for food. Little Runner Duck thinks this is all the better for looking their best before heading out to family homes across the world.

Penguin gifts for her
Impressive and majestic as they are, the Rock Hoppers know only too well that the Emperors do like to let their hair down. The DCUK Rock Hoppers are big fans of Happy Feet and will attempt to cajole their larger cousins into letting loose on the farm yard dance floor. Little Runner Duck is convinced that the dancing delights of all the penguins will impress the ladies stepping out to Boogie Wonderland and other such classics. Emperor penguins mate for life, so nothing could be more appropriate as a unique engagement, anniversary or wedding gift.

Unique penguin gifts
At DCUK we like to think we have a selection of unique gifts for all occasions and nothing is more unique than our Emperor Penguins. Each of our penguin gifts are hand carved so no two are the same. Available in natural bamboo or with painted finish these Emperors family collections can become kings of your majestic home décor, or gifts to remind a couple of their special connection.

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